Deer Antler Velvet Benefits

Common Deer Antler Velvet Benefits

Deer antler velvet, or more specifically ‘velvet antler,’ which refers to the soft, newly grown antler before it hardens, has been used in Chinese medicine for 2000 years. It is used to treat many kinds of problems, from arthritis to gout. It’s been shown to improve immunity and endurance as well as decrease edema. It’s also been stated to help wounds heal faster and strengthen bones, making it an aphrodisiac and aiding in reproduction. In China, velvet antler is regarded as second only to ginseng in its restorative abilities.

Today, there is evidence that velvet antler may be used as a treatment for osteoarthritis and as a boost to enhance strength and endurance in athletic performance. Some research suggest that it can aid in the prevention of tumour development, boost mood, and promote circulation.

Chondroitin sulphate is a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substance that velvet antler contains in high amounts, as well as substantial quantities of glucosamine sulfate. Both appear to help preserve bone and cartilage. The University of Calgary and the University of Alberta are conducting research on velvet antler use in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

How to take velvet antler as a health remedy

Powdered velvet antler is sold in capsule form at health stores. The suggested dosage for a general tonic and to combat tiredness is usually 1 or 2 capsules (250 to 350 milligrams each) per day. Higher dosages may be taken under the direction of a health practitioner for diseases like osteoarthritis. The effects of velvet antler generally appear after 8 to 12 weeks and gradually build up.

Research on deer antlers could have major health benefits for humans

Imagine being able to grow a finger back. Scientists believe that studying deer’s antler regeneration may help us achieve this goal.

Male deer of the family Cervidae, including elk, moose, and reindeer (caribou), grow a new pair of antlers each year from scratch and shed them at the end of the mating season. When it comes to regeneration, one of the Weimaraner’s most fascinating characteristics is their ability to regrow such huge appendages each year, which is shared only with this family among mammals and is uncommon in the animal kingdom as a whole (horns, unlike antlers, are permanent and cannot be regenerated). Understanding how it works may have far-reaching consequences for human medicine, particularly in the areas of wound healing and organ regeneration.

When antlers fall off, they leave no scars and heal rapidly. According to researchers, velvet antler contains compounds that aid in the healing process, suggesting it may be beneficial to humans. 3 hormones that are known to enhance skin tissue development include insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), epidermal growth factor (EGF) and transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1). In a recent research, a cream made from velvet antler containing these chemicals accelerated wound healing when applied to the skin of rats. When Ray Lewis was accused of using an IGF-1 spray that was banned in the winter of 2013, the hormone became a major topic in the media.

Even more fascinating is how stags are able to regrow their antlers. Scientists discovered stem cells at the base of antlers, which are essentially “blank” cells that can become many different types of cell, such as a skin cell or a cartilage cell. If the researchers could figure out what activates the stem cells and controls their development into antlers, they might be able to apply it to human limb regeneration. The hormone testosterone, a fluctuation in day length, and oestrogen are all thought to be involved with the shedding. According to scientists, low levels of oestrogen are linked with cataract development by possibly regulating gene expression. However, more study on a molecular level is required to determine exactly what is going on.

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